We never start at the beginning. We plot our coordinates; sometimes events overlap. We aim for an integrated whole that can be more and more deeply penetrated. Underneath are many visceral mysteries.



Depth fascinated him. Disturbances fascinated him. Every observation disturbs. Do you find your gaze avoiding that of the other, the transparent aqua eyes of the woman to be skirted like an iced pond in winter.


Tonight the peach sky was reflected in the Tittabawassee. Jerry played league baseball. Beer cans were piled around a light pole.




The more precisely the position is determined, the less precisely the momentum is known [and vice versa].

Heisenberg, Uncertainty paper, 1927

This idea liberated scientists and artists from a purely mechanistic view of the universe. Cause-and-effect was not all. Heisenberg showed that the observer had an effect, disturbed the outcome. A step away is the idea of the reader as respondent, provocateur or even fairy godmother—influencing the flow of events.



Jerry's the kind of man who if he saw a deer out his windows at dawn, would go outdoors naked and walk toward the deer and the deer would stand still for it. Jerry is confident.