ev.o[h!]lution::Pre Alphanumeric//Mezangelleing Daze::


pre alphanumeric//pre network n-cluded use ov com.put[ty/fillah]ers offline 
n-turr-rest in network system[ic]z stemmed fromme a more organic base, collaborationz were via real-time fleshmeat N n-stallation based

[d-tail n-hance.ment//philo.soph[omore]icall link wish n-sert:
movin amongst the pack[ette] ov life, we n-gage/ah-lert senzez that latah pull threads 2gether in2 a netwurked w.hole.  x-samp.elle::when present-ting a papah on comp[lex]uter art in 93, the seed waz so[?]wn N x-periment.all edgez merged in2 the format of the aware, the concreted creatiff shift. all i hadde 2 do waz wait]

the first html do[a]cumen.t _cutting spacez_ gestated in 1995, a hybridity year encased via a terminal discovered on the campus of wollongong university. many h[ertz]ourz spent chatting on Cybersite and Kajplats, channels dis[cobolos]coverin the er[k]rrorz N jo[uissance]y of this new textual realm. jumping fromme one terminal 2 the next//running three chat-roomz at once via three diffurrent terminal[behaviour]z sew as 2 opt.tim[id no lonah]ize the time d-layz, chairz blurring b-tween as the monitorz flashed fiction wurdz that [k]needed÷bleed.ed e.vent[ingz]ualli into the cutting spaces docco÷


brief 4ray int MOOs; e.mail dependancee startz; transfer.all ov play became crucial here, while avatar patterns b-came e-vee-dent/m-merg-NT. di-wreck MOO based e.moti[vate]ng n-corporated in2 general fiction cre[che]ation.  every.da[ze]y chrono.logical time constricturez erased; temporal awarenezz irretrivably alt[.ctrl.delete]ered; geophysical statez became a hazy con[ned]struckt ov a "rl" [real life] parameter, with text no longah static and punct.ewe.ation actualizing in2 langue.

[d-tail n-hance.ment//physical link wish n-sert:
the computer became the real.  terminal waz no longer a wurd 2 b feared, n-dicating abortive allusionz, but N actual object d-sign[n symbol]ed 2 n-hance, open, mutate. _my_ time became _mi_ own, mi text, mi fictional boundaries gellin with.in otherz azz yet known in a physical senze. blood N bone where no longah paramount outside of a textual wreck.cog[ging][ig]nition. B-ing parte ov the network opened up the fiction gatez N eye crossed ova in2 Bled Text:

[see the first won; _cutting spaces_ captured thizz s-sence of thredding and bleeding spaces on & offline, making the line bend N x-tending in2 both functional states. Oth[ub]er projects pre/sent-mezangelle n-clood _a disgruntled book of wizzdumb_// _Blood Puppetz_// Project M-E-Z// etc ad nauseum÷.

 _cyberspace_ b-came siphonspace, cypherspace, psychastheniaspace.  Mz Post ModemizmŪs birthe pre-M-ted her knowledge ov avatarian statez. 96 bought aff.[terra]firma.tion; mailing lizt act.ion became de rigueur; until 98 the projectz flowed N the mails spreade bac N 4th, 4th N bac÷ensemble///fleshfactor//7-11//American Express//recode//rhizome//nettime - u name it, avartarian statements were there. avatarz breeding in this trubbled space were mani, with psiborgs b-cumming sciborgs b-come.in[here] sighborgz÷.

[if mez =
mezchine//emauler//mz post mortemism/modemism//flesque//mezflesque.exe//etc
then i.d.entitee = flow = _internal damage report_ & _fleshistics_]

[deep x-posure 2 telesthesia & teledildonics allowed fictiothermal currents 2 circ[e].u.late; collab.awe.ration grew frome others in the stream respon.d[ance]ing, playin, without reference 2 any narratiff structure ore awareness ov procedure] 

wot a time.