the vogs are video blogs. short interactive works that explore the relation of image, word, movement, in time based multilinear environments.

this one has three simultaneous sound tracks that you control by where you mouse (so have some volume happening). one is ambient (atmosphere) sound. one is a colleague (many thanks to Adrian Danks) at my university talking about his experience of this particular street. the other is me (Adrian Miles) talking about this vog.

my recent vogs combine collage and montage within the larger frame of the video. movement is the difference in the image within the larger enframed video. it is also the difference between the internally enframed videos and the enframing video, and between the enframed videos and their variable surface, therefore:

variable images across the surface of the video + variable embedded videos + embedded video space = movement as difference

this is an introduction of the ideas of hypertext into time based media. plural windows (multiple video frames), variable readings, readerly choices. more importantly, like hypertext, it is trying to rethink video as a writerly space. in barthes's sense of the writerly.

this vog is 4.5mb. the 1 movie consists of 14 internal tracks. the controller is present so that you can pause, or not. or download it, or not. or vary the volume first. or not. because of the 14 tracks it tends not to do anything until all the content has arrived.

[ adrian.miles@rmit.edu.au / adrian.miles@media.uib.no ]